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About Aroma-Bees

Helping You To Help Others

Over 50 years of experience.....

Whether you are starting out training to be a therapist, or have been in business for a number of years, YOU are already making a difference. It's a wonderful business to be in, one you can put your heart and soul into, but there are times when you need support and guidance. Or advice on how to grow your therapy practice further. That's where we come in.

So, who are we?

Individually we are the two Mrs’s B’s – Sylvia and Heather, together we are the Aroma-B’s. We share a lifelong passion for Complementary Therapies and in particular Aromatherapy (hence the name Aroma-Bees), our Journey allows us to bring the insights and knowledge gained from our experiences in building successful heart-centred businesses.

We have, between us, over 50 years experience as professional Complementary Therapists, we’ve treated thousands of clients, trained hundreds of students and built an established, well respected Training School and opened and renovated a thriving Therapy Centre all within the beautiful spa town of Harrogate. We know the work it takes, the highs and lows, the areas of concern, the joys, and yes, the mistakes. But we also know the successes, what works, the how to’s of running a busy and enjoyable practice. 


Sylvia - The Water Goddess

Sylvia is our Water Goddess and loves nothing more than being in or around water. Whether it’s sitting mesmerised near a waterfall or bathing in the sea she’s happiest in water, so much so that in her previous working role she was a swimming teacher and a lifeguard. Another lover of walking Sylvia has climbed 13 of the Scottish Monros with her husband Graham who has climbed 170 and walked part of the West Highland Way. They can often be found on weekends wandering or cycling round the North Yorkshire Moors.

Favourite quote : “I’m not a teacher: only a fellow traveler of whom you asked the way. I pointed ahead – ahead of myself as well as you.” George Bernard Shaw.

Signature oil : Neroli.


Heather - The Earth Mother

Heather is our Earth Mother and loves putting on her old faithful walking boots and heading out with her husband and fur baby on long treks either in the Dales, or in her soul space the Lake District. Armed with a camera as photography is one of her interests, she enjoys capturing Mother Nature at her best. On cherished ‘at home’ days you’ll find her curled up with her fur baby, book in hand and a cup of the ‘tea of the moment’ beside her. Other interests include Pilates, meditation, coffee with good friends, travelling (though not so much now – the fur baby can’t fly) and writing.

Favourite tip : get up 10 minutes early, think about the day ahead and set your intention for the day. What energy do you want to surround yourself in, what do you want to achieve. Set your intention positively and with purpose. You are the energy you chose.

Signature Oil : Frangipani

Both Heather and Sylvia have accumulated over their years of work experience an immense amount of knowledge to benefit both the therapist and client in achieving a happier and healthier life.  Learning from these wise ladies has not only enhanced my working practice but has benefited my whole life.  Their collective sense of fun, common sense and deep knowledge makes learning/healing easy and adaptable to real life.  I know I am a better therapist and person by being inspired and taught by Sylvia and Heather.  Thank you.  

- Jenni Kirkwood, Complementary Therapist & Yoga