At Aroma Bees respect for your privacy and personal data is an essential part of our support network. Much as we, as Practitioners value & respect our clients privacy, we as a Practitioner Community value and respect yours. To this end we are committed to conducting our business with all applicable laws and regulations, including data protection. Our Privacy Statement has been updated to reflect the new (GDPR) data protection laws. We run Aroma Bees with strong privacy and security principles.

For us to be able to provide you with our best service we collect data to administer our membership records, promote our services and maintain our account records. The following data is applicable:
- your email address;
- if you purchase a product or service your name and address and contact details.


We do not purchase or obtain information from sources other than our own website or social media platforms where you have provided us with said data.

Nor do we sell, store, or pass on your data to any other businesses or suppliers unless required to by law.


All of our products and services are paid for through PayPal Inc and as such we do not collect data pertaining to financial transactions. The information provided to process these payments is subject to the policies of Paypal Inc. Should you have any questions about your privacy and paypal please visit


Simply, to contact you regarding the services or offers we think you may be interested in. If you sign up to our email newsletter you will only be sent our newsletter. If you purchase a product or service from us you will not automatically be added to our newsletter list unless you agree to do so.

For our newsletter subscription you are free to unsubscribe at any time by clicking the ‘unsubscribe’ button at the bottom of our emails. Should you wish to opt back in at a future date you will need to provide us with the relevant data. We do not hold onto unsubscribed account data.


Aroma Bees newsletter/marketing data is collected and stored in our MailChimp account and in a word document which is password protected on our computers. Should you opt out we aim to delete your information within 21 days. For services and product purchases we store the relevant contact, address and item information in a password protected word document. These records are kept as per HMRC requirements for 7 years. After which they will be deleted.


Under the new GDPR you have the following rights :
- to be informed;
- of access, free of charge within 1 calendar month *
- to rectification;
- to erasure;
- to restrict processing;
- to data portability;
- to object &
- not to be subject to automated decision making including profiling.

* If the request for access is unfounded or excessive we have the right to refuse with a full explanation of our reasons.


If this should occur we have a duty to report any said breach to the individuals concerned, and, where applicable, to the ICO*. Such breaches will be investigated at the time.

* where it is likely to result in a risk to the rights and freedoms of individuals.

For the purposes or business and data protection our main place of business is in the UK