Therapists Retreat Day - Sunday 13th October 10am - 4pm.

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All Therapists deserve some valuable Me Time. Time to switch off and connect back to you, time to spend in gorgeous surroundings connecting with nature and with your inner self. Time to connect with your fellow women, to spend time with like-minded souls. To listen to engaging, inspirational speakers, to create and get in touch with your higher self.

Our Therapists Retreat Day is taking place in beautiful surroundings just outside Harrogate. Immerse yourself in the gorgeous views, walk in the sensory garden, relax with some Yoga Nidra and Meditation. Create as we work with the Energies of the Full Moon.

Bond over a sharing lunch and afternoon cakes and tea. Make new friends, remind yourself of who you are away from work and home.

Join us for a magical day in a beautiful space connecting with gorgeous souls.

Therapists Retreat Day

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Be Your Own Brand Business Retreat

High Trenhouse | 1 - 3 November 2019

Welcome to our unique Be your Own Brand retreat. We have put together a special weekend for you to discover your own true potential and confidence to explore new opportunities to enhance your position in the market place.

The rationale for the weekend came about as a culmination of over 50 years experience in the Health and Wellbeing Industry. We realise the difficulty we can have as therapists and coaches to market ourselves, to find our voice online and ways of attracting new ideal clients, to up level our businesses and we found that finding a professional image of ourselves that we feel comfortable with makes all the difference.

This is a new and truly unique weekend experience for the new therapist or for the qualified practitioner. No other retreat in this country has put together the opportunity for a makeover and a professional photo shoot to reflect who you truly are and want to be, in conjunction with time to work on branding, marketing and confidence building in finding your voice and your ideal tribe.

This retreat is for you if you are:

  • looking to create a business brand that reflects who you truly are;
  • struggling with the confidence to ‘get yourself out there’ and find your tribe
  • finding yourself stuck in a rut after years of therapy work;
  • need to refresh and revisit your professional image and marketing methods to attract new, ideal clients;
  • need pushing out of your comfort zone to push your business up a level;
  • are nervous about professional photo shoots and including images of yourself in your marketing;
  • looking to find new and interesting ways of expressing your thoughts, opinions and modality online.

Whatever stage you are at there is something in this retreat that may just inspire you to follow your dream, to make changes, to push out of your comfort zone. To try something new.

We’d love to see you leave excited and enthused about your business again.

Retreat View
Retreat Dining

Introducing AromaBees

Both Sylvia & Heather and have built successful, busy therapy practices, a well respected Training School and a thriving Therapy Centre in North Yorkshire. We understand that your business is more than a logo, and that even when you’re really great at talking to people it takes a different type of confidence to put yourself out there online, to market yourself effectively to attract your ideal client. Hard selling doesn’t work in the Therapy & Coaching world, and personally we hate the type of marketing that relies on fear. 

We’ve learnt what works and frankly, what sucks. 


Introducing Our Guest Colleagues

To make this weekend extra special and unique (and as we found, really good fun), we’ve teamed up with well respected Professional Photographer Mark Hillyer, and to make sure you look and feel amazing the very talented Professional Make-up Artist and Hair Stylist Anna Stevenson, to create a stunning portfolio of images for you to use in your marketing.  

In addition to this our Mindfulness Expert Dianne McLaren of The Mindful People Company is with us on Sunday to present a workshop on 'Developing your Business Mindfully'.

Mark Hillyer 

Mark is a professional wedding and portrait photographer based near Leeds who fell in love with photography as a young boy. Having spent 10 years as a Cruise Ship Photographer he returned to North Yorkshire to establish his own studio. 

In Marks own words ‘Great photographs that convey a story are so much more than just images. I believe they provide us with our most valued possessions, reminders of the greatest moments in our life and our best and closest friends.’ 

Open, friendly and warm Mark puts you at ease quickly, so don’t worry if you’re at all nervous about being in front of the camera, you’ll be laughing before you know it. Mark has a wonderful knack of finding the ideal place to use that brings out your inner self and makes you feel comfortable. This is reflected in photographs you’ll be happy to use. 

Anna Stevenson

Featured in 'Country Wedding Magazine,' with fashion work in 'The Yorkshire Post, 'Glamour Magazine' and front cover of 'Attire Accessories Magazine’ Anna has worked with many well known and much loved personalities of TV and Film. 

Anna too is a Yorkshire based Make-up Artist and Hair Stylist. We’re constantly in awe of the way Anna brings out each clients best side and easily covers any bits you might feel self-conscious about. Make-up brushes become magic wands in her hands. In her own words ‘I am ambitious and driven and love working across the country in a vast variety of locations on  varied and fun projects from fashion shoots and filming to weddings and events.  I am fortunate to meet and work with, and alongside fantastic creatives and clients.  My aim is to provide a friendly yet high quality and personal service for you.’ 

Dianne McLaren

Dianne is a business owner, Mindfulness Practitioner and Wellbeing Coach. She is also a Learning and Development Specialist/Consultant with over 25 years’ experience in her field.  A trainer, facilitator and coach she uses mindfulness techniques to develop individual/team effectiveness and wellbeing.

Her work has given her a deep insight into the stress and challenges people can face both in the workplace and at home, and how mindfulness can help.  Since recognising the life-changing power of mindfulness some years ago is compelled to sharing it with others.

She has a person centred approach which is collaborative, empathetic, intuitive and compassionate. Dianne is committed to helping clients develop their self-awareness, self-leadership, resilience, creativity and sustainability through mindfulness based practice. She works with both groups and individuals on a one-to-one basis.

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The Location

Our location has been specially chosen to provide peace and tranquillity with lots of beautiful outdoors space for your photo shoot. We have lots of space for workshops, talks and small cost areas for small groups.

Set in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales our location is the stunning High Trenhouse overlooking Malham Tarn. Each room is a single en-suite and our weekend is fully catered for. There is a small bar for our evening relaxation (please note this is not included in the cost), where we can relax, enjoy a drink and share stories. Whilst we keep our retreats small and comfortable there’s plenty of time to get to know each other and make new friends. 

Retreat View
Retreat View
Retreat Bedroom
Retreat Dining Area
Retreat Sitting Area

The Retreat

We’ve chosen a stunning location, teamed up with some talented professionals and created a weekend filled with time to work on your brand, understand how to market yourself and build your confidence so you can go out there and attract your ideal clients. 

In addition to this we’ve put together a workbook for you to use during the weekend to catalogue your ideas, thoughts, feedback and inspirational tips.  

You’ll leave with gorgeous photos to use in your marketing, new ideas, your own Aroma Bees workbook full of information and ideas, confidence and inspiration, a business vision board and finally a goody bag with treats and surprises.

This Be Your Own Brand retreat is for you if you: 

  • want to grow your business confidently; 
  • want to create a brand that reflects who you are; 
  • are looking to define and attract your ideal clients; 
  • have ideas about marketing but are uncertain what approach to use; 
  • have no idea about branding or online marketing and how to reach your target market easily and without hard sell or fear techniques. 

Here are the FULL DETAILS of what your weekend retreat includes

Friday Evening

Meet & Greet, Introductions, evening meal and get to know each other.  If it's fine weather, a quick walk down to the Tarn for evening views.



Our day starts with an intention setting visualisation to get us focussed on achieving our aims for the day.  We split into 2 groups for our make-over and photography shoot.  A day of discovering our ideal clients, looking at the meaning of logos, colour, fonts and general brand creation.  Time out to create a dream board.  Talks on ideal client, branding, social media & blogging.


An optional walking meditation to start the day.  Our day then begins with a talk from our guest speaker on building a brand based on trust through mindfulness.  Further discussions on presenting with confidence, body language, and how to effectively use your brand.  A review of your current marketing material.  Planning for the future.  Time for Q&A.


Retreat Goody Bag

5 Week Private Facebook Implementation & Workbook Group

A 60-Minute Group Coaching Call 4 Weeks Post Retreat

What's not included

  • Any drinks from the bar.
  • Additional photographs (these can be purchased directly from Mark). 

Your Investment

If you’d like to be part of this unique weekend you can secure your place with your deposit of £250.00 (non-refundable). 

Reserve my place and pay in full.

The remainder of the fee is required 8 weeks prior to the weekend.

Dietary requirements can be catered for and are included in our booking form.


(Early Bird Payment in full by 15th March 2019)


Next Steps

We keep our retreats intentionally limited to 10 places so that we can ensure you get our full attention. Keeping the attendees small means you can easily discuss and share thoughts and ideas without too much ‘feedback noise’.  

In addition to this we spend Saturday focusing on the photo shoot with flexible workshops and visual creative branding work so that no-one misses out. 

If, however you have ANY questions please contact us and we will arrange a chat with you. Please note that we don’t believe in hard sell, we are looking to fill this retreat with therapists and coaches who really want to work on creating a business brand that truly reflects their personality. Who are prepared to understand what creating a brand is all about and how to go out and market themselves comfortably going forwards. 

If you’re truly ready to create a meaningful brand that expresses you, to attract your ideal clients to you then this is for you. 

If you would like to chat to us please get in touch and we’ll arrange a mutually convenient time.