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Becoming a Therapist, or growing your therapy business is an exciting time, you're out there making a difference, wanting to grow, but we know it can also feel slightly daunting. From being in a group learning to being out there treating clients on your own is different. Moving from working at home to renting rooms, getting yourself online, it can all seem a big load when you do it alone. We’ve worked from home, from Gyms, GP surgeries, Treatment Centres, in clients own homes and we know the problems you’re likely to encounter in each. We’ve even set up and established a successful therapy centre and training School. So, you’re not alone, but we do know, at times that it can feel quite isolating. With that in mind we've developed our Therapists Support Network to bring you a community where you can connect with other therapists, share your problems, receive guidance and listen to interviews with business experts. A safe place to belong. Listed below are a number of different ways you can work with us to grow your business.

There are a number of ways in which we offer our support through our Lighthouse Collection:
  • Business Starlight - This is offered within a group. We have monthly call-ins via Zoom (traditionally we start with a series of 6 call-ins but are flexible in building from there), look at different problems or support areas and you have access to our private Facebook group to drop in and ask questions, or for help and guidance.
  • Business Spotlight - our single one-to-one focus sessions created especially to offer you the chance to dive deep into your business challenges personally.
  • Business Limelight - our dedicated one-to-one space purely for you to discuss whatever needs you have. It’s based entirely on you and your business, and we provide our vast knowledge and experience to assist you in growing and developing your practice. We offer a safe space for you to bring any issues you may have from dealing with the death of a client, setting boundaries, problem clients, the how tos and why fors of running a successful therapy business. All sessions take place via Zoom with regular email contact. You also have access to our private coaching Facebook group to check in for additional support.
  • Guiding Light - these are our private tuition sessions for students, or return to work practitioners, struggling to meet the demands of their course, for help with coursework, revision study or refresher work.

* Because our Business Starlight group involves confidentiality we ask that you complete and sign our terms and conditions to ensure the protection of the individual practitioners.

Heather Booker of Aroma Bees provided our Relationship SOS therapy business (Reconnexxion Worxx) with marketing advice and ideas.  Being able to use her as a sounding board in our coaching sessions was tremendously valuable in solidifying our desires and thoughts into a more realistic plan. We realise that marketing is essential to growing our business and being able to tap into Heather’s wealth of experience helps make the task so much easier! 

- Norma Nowell, Clinical Hypnotherapist

Therapists Meet-ups

Join us in our Monthly Meet-ups.

Join us for an evening of networking, connecting with your colleagues and interesting speakers.

Our Be-Togethers meet up every second Thursday of each month from 7pm - 9pm in Harrogate.

2020 Meet-ups

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    Please select the dates you would like to join us on from the drop-down list above: * Book and pay for all 11 monthly meet-ups and our gift to you will be your December Festive Meet-up 2 course meal FREE.
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Connections Day

4 Specialist Speakers, 1 Informative Day & Lunch - Thursday 23rd April 10am - 4pm.

Spend a day listening to our specialist speakers and take part in the interactive sessions. 

We've invited along 4 professional therapists to talk about, demonstrate and share their specialist areas with us. Learn about how these could help your therapy business.

- Have you wanted ton know more about working in the NHS?

- Have you heard about BioResonance, TRE Tension & Trauma Release or the Hendrickson Technique?

Business Starlight Sessions.

Our online group meets once a month at 10am on the first Monday of every month via Zoom for at least 6 months. You will be sent the join-up information via email. Each call will discuss a different area of your therapy business from confidence to public speaking, marketing to social media, boundaries to problems. Everything you need to help you run a successful, thriving therapy business. We restrict our numbers to a maximum of 8 per group to keep things friendly and to ensure you get the best attention.

You’ll also be added to our private Facebook group for daily tips, prompts, advice and challenges. You’ll be able to share information, ask questions and seek advice between the monthly video calls.

Your investment - less than a take-out daily coffee. £45.00 per month. Sign up here to join our next coaching group.

Sylvia is an inspiring teacher, enthusiastic, very knowledgeable and a great communicator. A lifetime of practising complementary therapies means Sylvia’s advice and teaching is rooted in experience and is very practical.  I’ve studied with other training providers which has served to underline what an excellent trainer Sylvia is. I would highly recommend Sylvia as both a tutor and as a mentor. 

Pat Hill Massage Therapist

Business Spotlight Sessions.

If our Starlight sessions don't meet your needs we can arrange  a one-off, or number of one-to-one focus sessions either in person or via zoom. Once we've arranged a date you will be sent the join-up information via email. Focusing on your individual business needs will give you the time to really zone in on the areas of your business that you feel need attention. We can discuss whatever topics you require to help you run a successful, thriving therapy business.

You’ll also be added to our private Facebook group for daily tips, prompts, advice and challenges. Here you’ll be able to share information, ask questions and seek advice between coaching sessions.

Your investment in your business growth - £80.00 per session. Sign up here to contact us to for a no obligation chat or to book a session.

If integrity is what you seek, then Heather is the soul for you. As soon as you enter her presence, you just know that you are in safe hands. She has an instinctive feel for your needs, and can quite surprise you! Heather is one of the few beings on this earth that gives me the safe space to truly let go, be myself, and trust that my needs are being completely and genuinely met. I believe myself truly fortunate to have been drawn to her as a professional and a friend.

- Judi., Reflexologist, Reiki & Yoga

Business Limelight

Our Limelight sessions take you deeper into your business. Following your passion, loving what you do is an amazing place to start. But sometimes turning that into a business means pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and trying new things. As successful therapists ourselves we know what it takes to put all the hours in doing treatments, then changing hats and writing blogs, posting on social media, coming up with offers and ideas. And, honestly at times it can be overwhelming. Or there maybe times where you need a safe space to discuss issues, a place where you can voice your thoughts and feelings and come out with a feasible plan, or sound down to Earth advice.

And that’s where we come in. If you feel you’d like to dive deeper into working on yourself and your business our Limelight sessions are akin to a mentoring programme which brings together all of our knowledge, experience and skills as therapists, coaches, mentors and business owners.

During our sessions we can look at :

- setting realistic, achievable goals that respect your lifestyle;
- Identifying and teaching your ideal client;
- work with your inner voice and any blocks to success (or failure);
- find and bring out your voice, allowing you to reach your ideal clients;
- what style of marketing excites you and how to use it;
- pricing and timing strategies considering boundaries;
- ways to avoid burnout;
- dealing with problem clients;
- a safe space to offload;
- making sure your practice remains fun!

We found that we work best when fully supported. When we have accountability and insight into our businesses. We’ll give you clarity, insight, goals and regular accountability. Plus you’ll have access to our Facebook group for daily tips, guidance, prompts, advice and challenges.

Regular continued sessions will bring the maximum benefit to you and your business, but we recognise that sometimes you just need a one-off session.

For a one-off session with us the cost is £145.00
For a package of 4 sessions the cost is £445.00

Each session lasts 60 minutes and can be in person at our hive or via Zoom. 

I have worked as a complementary therapist based in numerous locations for nearly 20 years, but only found the support and encouragement I needed to thrive and grow in my profession when I started working with Heather. Working in complementary medicine is hugely rewarding but also a very challenging and often isolating profession. Heather offers companionship, motivation and an objective listening ear no matter what challenges my practice throws at me. She has a way of making you feel like the best you can be just waiting to happen, and that anything and everything is possible. Possibly one of the most healing and supportive human beings I have ever met, and I wouldn’t be the practitioner I am today without her.

-Helen, Herbalist

Guiding Light

This is our personal tuition sessions. If you’re studying to become a Massage Therapist or Aromatherapist and are struggling with the theoretical part of your coursework then we may have the way to help. Or if, you're wanting a refresher before returning to work in the Therapy world.

Sylvia has trained thousands of Students to ITEC level 3 so whether you’re finding Anatomy & Physiology, Aromatic Chemistry or the course itself difficult our private tuition will give you the time and space to gain an understanding. 

We can support you during the course, with revision study or refreshers if you’ve been out of the field for a while. We offer both one-to-one study or for small groups of students (maximum of 3 per class). 

 Our fee is £50.00 per person per session. To speak to Sylvia for an no obligation chat, or to book a session, please ring her on 07534 635641. 


I cannot recommend Sylvia highly enough! I completed my Aromatherapy ITEC Diploma with her. 

What a joy to go to lesson and learn from her vast experience intuitive guidance and deep passion for Holistic Therapy . 

Kelly-Anne Head

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